Asphalt crack repair is an excellent way to halt the deterioration and erosion of your asphalt surface. Diligent asphalt crack filling is essential to the longevity of any blacktop surface. Asphalt cracking can happen for several reasons such as high vehicle traffic, weather conditions and overall neglect of annual asphalt maintenance schedules.


Cracking begins when the absence of the natural oils in asphalt evaporate over time. This causes the surface to become dry, brittle and less likely to withstand the effects of the elements. This can be noticed when the asphalt begins to appear pale in color. These oils can be replenished by including sealcoating into your maintenance schedule. Existing cracks if left untreated will grow over time and eventually allow water to penetrate to the base of the pavement. When water enters the base of the pavement the asphalt foundation will begin to move and continuously erode, which eventually over time will compromise the overall integrity of the asphalt and create dips and cracking.


Also excess moisture hidden in cracks of the asphalt will over time freeze in cold weather and thaw in warm weather. This contraction and expansion of excess moisture will further deteriorate the asphalt, leading to more cracking and an "alligator appearance". When the pavement reaches this stage the only option is removal and replacement which can be timely and costly. There are many cost efficient crack repair methods to manage the unsightly and erosive effects of asphalt cracking. Our team of blacktop specialist will carefully examine and determine the underline cause of erosion and will suggest the best approach for repairs

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