One of the most fundamental services we offer is lot striping and zoning.Striping is a significant part of asphalt maintenance, whether the surface is a road, a parking lot or a warehouse. The term ‘striping’ is self-explanatory. It involved laying or painting stripes on the surface to clearly demarcate the functional areas. Striping is mandatory by law in certain public areas Not only is this service a legal necessity compliant with city and state ordinances and regulations along with the other forms of signage, it provides a clear direction to the users. Why do we need stripes? They don’t just make the area look well organized and cared for. Lot striping and zoning ensures your tenants or clientele would be parked safely and efficiently, all while giving the appearance of a clean, well maintained and manicured commercial lot.


 they also serve a functional purpose – that of demarcating areas where specific functions are expected.

Striping is generally of three major types:


1. Highway and city striping. This is the type that you see on your local roads as well as the highways. The highway and city striping help in providing control over the traffic flow and enhance the pedestrian safety. Zebra stripes on busy junctions work in slowing down the vehicular traffic so that pedestrians can pass safely while the striping along the highways separate faster lanes from the slower ones as well as offer greater functionality on the road. Curves, bends and exit signs through striping are considerably more effective methods of vehicular traffic management.


2. Parking Lot Striping. Parking lots, whether big or small, need clear strips marked for easy parking, for entry and exit lanes as well as for controlling the speed in crowded car parks. Parking lot striping that clearly demarcates the parking areas laid aside for people with disabilities, for the fire trucks and emergency vehicles. Such striping has to meet the local and federal regulations while laying down the stripes.


3. Warehouse Striping. A clean and striped warehouse underlines the professionalism of the organization besides making the access to various section of the warehouse easier. A warehouse is typically used for storing the products, whether raw material or finished goods. If the striping is inadequate, the warehouse can become unsafe for workers and the stored property. Clearly demarcated functional and storage areas enhance the customer experience as well as enhance the employees’ productivity.


Striping can be done on any surface, asphalt, concrete, wood or acrylic and striping agents could be any of the following – premium alkyd based paints, chlorinated rubber traffic paints, industrial enamels, epoxies, and concrete stain. Whichever paint is chosen, striping and re-striping are best left to the specialists because they would be aware of the steps to be followed before and after striping

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